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3 Best Paid WordPress Themes

3 Best Paid WordPress Themes

The fact that paid WordPress themes cost money doesn’t always mean that they are better than free themes. However, paid WordPress themes are designed to offer far more capabilities and features than their free counterparts. Additionally, paid WordPress themes come with developer support. When it comes to building websites with WordPress, new beginners will handily need developer assistance because they will definitely get stuck at one point.

Since there are uncountable WordPress theme providers in the market, it is nearly impossible to check out each theme in order to pick the right one. Here are the 3 best paid WordPress Themes to help you select the one that suits your needs.

Uncode Theme

Uncode is a supremely engaging, attractive, visually vibrant, efficiently coded and technologically sophisticated premium WordPress theme that makes the design of popular, professional and highly interactive web pages effortless. No writing of even a single line of code is required.

The theme incorporates HTML5 coding, modular bootstrap design, and customizable CSS3 styling. It comes with advanced color schemes and customizable topographical options to ensure faster loading on both fast and slow servers. It is also social-friendly, allowing for maximized exposure and content viralization. If you have something to share with the world and you need an attractive soapbox to say it from, Unicode is your perfect theme.

Oshine WordPress Theme

Oshine is the most attractive, technologically modern, incredibly dynamic, interactive, highly responsive and visually stunning multipurpose premium WordPress theme. This theme is ideal for personal, corporate, commercial, big size, small size, and business website applications. It is designed with powerful and unique capabilities for static, single page and multi-page internet sites.

With Oshine theme, you have the freedom to make parallax sections, headers, page titles and more. The drag and drop feature grants you the power to create stunning layouts based on Oshine’s multiple templates. Simplify the display of your content in your single page or static website using premium slider features like Carousel Slider, Master Slider, and Full Screen Slider.  Here is a video highlighting some of their features.

Simple Theme

The simple theme comes with an attractive one-page layout. This design puts all your content in one place, preventing the need for people to go scrambling around your website searching for articles or products on offer. Also, the header module of this theme comes with a button that helps you to send people to a landing page for sales or email subscriptions.

You will also enjoy the social buttons which are not only large but also pop up with animations when people scroll over them. What’s more? The Simple Theme comes with a built-in section for highlighting your most recent articles with full featured-descriptions and images.

Final thought

One of the most important things to think about when you start your online business venture is how your site is going to appear. Besides offering engaging and high-quality content, your site must be organized, clean and functional. These 3 best paid WordPress Themes will be useful for whichever site you plan to create.

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November 18, 2016 Paid Themes
Best Free WordPress Themes

Best Free WordPress Themes

One of the best things about the WordPress platform is the sheer number of developers that are involved with it.  We’re talk thousands of developers contributing their work to the millions of WordPress users.  One of the many ways they contribute is through free WordPress themes.  If you’re new to web design and development, free themes are a great way to get your website or blog off the ground.  There are plenty of WordPress tutorials, another thing contributed to the community, to help you if you get stuck.  Here are some of the best free WordPress themes to get you started.


Upright is a magazine style theme that is fully responsive, using big imagery and portfolio functions to allow you to present your content to the world.  There are sliders, color pickers and you can even use your own background images, all of it giving you the ability to create your own site without ever learning a line of HTML code.  It is search engine  friendly to help your SEO efforts.


This theme comes with plenty of options for customization from its theme options panel.  You can change almost every element of your site easily and quickly.  It’s completely retina ready and responsive and with Google focusing on mobile browsing, you won’t have to worry.  You can use this theme for everything from your business website, online portfolio or personal blogging.


This is minimalist theme that puts your content right up front.  It has a widgetized home page that gives you the chance to create custom layouts, you just have to drag and drop your elements right where you want them.  The code is clean making sure your site performs no matter the customization you do.


TA Daily Blog

Simple and clean design that is fully responsive, the theme is perfect for bloggers.  It’s got 16 color schemes and it is fully customizable to make your blog look just the way you want it too.  It ideal for SEO and has schema compatible structure that Google loves.  It will support all your favorite plugins so you can give your site even more functionality.


Your website is sure to stand out with the Arcade theme, lightweight for faster load times and fully responsive you can change the header image, layout, width and everything in between.  There are eight different supported formats so you create a unique look.

These are just some of best free WordPress themes that are available, there are thousands for you to choose from, WordPress developers have given the community plenty of themes to work with.

November 16, 2016 Free Themes